Hello fellow cakers - my name is Becky and I'm so happy to have found this site!!

I have done very basic cake decorating with buttercream since my kids were little. I always made their birthday cakes and holiday cakes. I did a few cakes for people here and there but was working a full time job and eventually it got to be too much and I got burned out and stopped.

After moving to a rural area where there's not much to do, I got back into making cakes. I had seen a video on making marshmallow fondant and decided to give it a shot. I was hooked. Started watching many tutorials to develop some skills and 4 years ago I decided to start my own business. It took a couple years but my business has finally taken off. It has been great being able to work from home!

Cakes have brought a lot of Joy and fulfillment to my life. My aspiration is to gain knowledge from all of you. Learning new techniques, developing my skills and expanding my thinking to "outside the box".


Welcome to cd Becky! You have very nice cakes! Will follow you now ;-)

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Hey Becky…..you came on over…..welcome to CD….. 😉

Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎

Fabulous cakes – new follower to see what’s next!


hey becky – lovely work – a new follower from me xxxxx

Shell, Norfolk, UK

Fellow TEXAS follower!!! Love your cakes and look forward to many more :)

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Look forward to new cakes from you, they are awesome! New follow from me in England

Lyn (Nanna Lyn Cakes) xx

Nice to see you here Becky. I’m one of your biggest fan. Love your work.


Oh Becky, what a mess! I didn’t have cocoa butter but wanted to get more of an oil effect on the color instead of the water color consistency achieved when using alcohol, so being the genius that I am, I thought Crisco (being solid) would work equally well. So, I melted the Crisco over warm water and mixed it with petal dusts and it was fabulous, smooth and a perfect consistency. It was only later that I discovered that the stuff never dries. It is still not dry to this day and I completed the piece over a month ago. In the process of trying to mount it on the cake, I smeared it out of recognition half a dozen times. I got so tired of repainting it and each time, it lost a bit of clarity. It looked a lot better when I finished painting it the first time. Needless to say, I WILL order cocoa butter for the next painting!

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Amazing cakes. I’m your new follower!

Heavenly Scrumptious

Thank you for the follow, I’m following you back. My name is Bianca xxx