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Thank you for the follow, Blacksun! Following you back!

-- Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

:D thank you so much :D i am so glad :)

New Follower from Cape Town, South Africa. Your cakes are beautiful xx

Thank you Chantelles Cake Creations :) It means for me very much thank you :)

Love your cakes, New folower from France ✌

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Thank you so much I am really happy and thankful :) It means for me very much :)

Follow you ! I also love painting on cakes !

-- Svetlana Antonova

Thank you so much :D I am happy that I am not alone with my love for painted cakes :D happy happy thank you :D

I love your work so much, thank you for your support and lovely comments! A big hug from Italy, Evelin 💗

:) thank you so much dear Evelin :D I love your amazing work too :D big hug from Slovakia :D

I love your cakes, you have a new follower

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:D Thank you so much dear Bianca :D I am really happy that you like my work :) thank you for following :)

прекрасна работа ,със удоволствие ще ви последвам за да не изпусна нищо

Благодаря ви много, че наистина се радвам (Thank you so much I am really glad :D ) :)

Hi! You said you would like to know how to make a geode cake. I purchased and watched a Craftsy class, but I did find a free tutorial on YouTube. It is not really hard. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ajzEKKg71Q

-- Sugar Sugar by SSmiley