Hello and thank you for stopping by! I'm a stay-at-home mom of two little munchkins and almost 5 years ago I realized I loved decorating cakes. For now my cake clientele consists of friends and family and sometimes a charity cake. I hope to one day (read when the kids are both in school ;) ) be able to make cake decorating my profession.

Have an awesome day!


Hi Maria! Kids sure keep our hands full! I’m sure you’ll have a slew of orders when your kids allow you! haha! Your cakes are already fantastic! Following you!:)

Jackie, Singapore

Hi Jackie, thanks for stopping by and for your nice comment! The munchkins are still too small which means I only make cakes for friends and family and/or whenever I need to go to my happy place hehehe.
I just looked at your work and I love it!!! I’ll be following you on Facebook and CakesDecor.