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Hi everyone, I’m new so thought I’d say hello!

I’ve been in business for just over a year, though I’ve been baking for friends and family for years. I work around my full time job so I’ve got my glamorous assistant AKA mum hooked on all thing cake too. Things are set to get even more busy as I have a bun in the oven! Baby Crispie is due at the end of October :)

Has anyone got any tips about using this forum? Looking forward to chatting with you all :)

Mrs Crispie - www.crispiescakes.co.uk


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miettes ...

Hi there,
You will not find a better place than cakesdecor for everything cake-related!!! Everyone here is so nice and helpful! The forum is meant for your cake-related questions… You can post your pictures by going to your account and clicking on New Cake…. You can search, comment, leave questions…. I also started about one year ago and I’ve learned so much here, it is unbelievable!

Welcome to cakesdecor!!!!

Jenniffer White ...

Welcome MrsCrispie!

Beth ...

Thanks ladies, I’ve uploaded a few pics, hope I’ve done it right! :)

CakesbySasi ...

Welcome to cakesdecor, hope you will find it as welcoming and helpful as I did with all the wonderful and talented decorators :-)

Toni (White Crafty Cakes) ...

Welcome to CakesDecor! I can’t wait to see your creations!

Julie, I Baked Some Cakes ...

Hello and welcome, I’ve no tips for you yet as I’m new too! Looking forward to seeing your postings. X

Radhika ...

Welcome to Cakes Decor, Mrs. C and Julie!

Xclusive ...

Nice to have you on board!