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So I decided to try out Indydebi’s buttercream since I’ve read so many wonderful things about it. I loved the taste, but the texture came out grainy. Ive used high ratio shortening, and the second time I used store brand for Crisco since the store brand label didnt say that it had zero transfats. Did I do something incorrectly???

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MsGF ...

I use it as my dairy free alternative and I’ve not had it turn out grainy. I make it with Crisco. Not sure why it would happen.

Ann-Marie Youngblood ...

2 things…1 Hi Ratio is a Must! 2 it maybe your Powdered sugar…is it 10x PS? Like Domino Brand. I Used to use her recipe and found that you generic brand were not as fine. I now Use Edna De La Cruz Recipe 50% butter to 50% hi Ratio it works the best and tastes better too.

MsGF ...

Try this one. This is the one I use. It works perfect every time.

This isn’t Indydebi’s but it is good. This is a good dairy-free alternative that isn’t too sweet.

Crys ...

I’ll give it a try thank you :-)