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My cousin asked that I do a wedding cake for her friend who is getting married in July. She is giving her friend the wedding cake as a gift. Therefore she will be covering the cost of the cake. I am excited as this will be my first wedding cake.

I am charging a reasonable price to ensure that I keep the order. I see this as an opportunity to showcase my work and I am looking forward to making not just a great looking cake, but a great tasting cake too. Despite there was no request for a filling, I want to include a filling that will compliment a vanilla sponge cake, but also ensure that the bride is ok with it. I would like to get suggestions as to what filling would go great with a vanilla sponge cake.

With this opportunity, I also want to do petit fours. I never did petit fours before. Since I would like to expand my menu in the future, I had petit fours in mind. I have a few weeks to practice this cake and the petit fours so any ideas of what kind of flavor, a unique design (if there is a link or links) and a unique/attractive but cost-effective packaging will be great. The petit fours will be done free of charge as I am using this opportunity as a marketing initiative to promote my business. Thanks in advance.


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kmac ...

Or, mini cakes if not petit fours

Renee ...

Why not just ask what the bride would prefer as a filling? If she doesn’t have a preference… a lot of my orders for this summer have vanilla buttercream with some variety of fresh berries added as a filling (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries….) it’s nice an light and delicious. Of course, that’s as long as the bride doesn’t have an allergy to the berries!

Sorry, I don’t have any advice about petit fours or mini cakes, I’ve heard that they are a huge pain and it is not something I have tried or have the desire to try!

theglamorouscakes ...

Hi I would like to suggest you to check Peggy porschen ’s cake books. Se has lot more to choose. If you need any more help PM me:)
Good luck

Susana ...

I ther,a few months ago a did a vanilla sponge cake for a friend with pineapple and coconut filling and was delicious.

With a vanilla sponge cake you cand filling with almost everything because is a neutral cake.

Fun Fiesta Cakes ...

I have used a white chocolate buttercream that is really nice – I’ve also used a strawberry buttercream filling that is really light and tasty.