How to handle humidity to get perfectly dry petals

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Hi everyone, I need some advices on how to get perfectly dry petals for sugar flowers.
I’ve already added cmc and cornstarch, even store the petals in an air-con room. None works well.
Is there any tool/machine to get rid of the humidity?
Please help…..!

Thank you.

Bee Siang


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nelle ...

Hi! I’ve recently experienced the same issue, either add more cmc powder to your fondant or place your figuring or petals in a room like a bedroom or lounge room with carpet or heater on medium and let it sit over night in a box with paper towel to catch any excess moisture i found that the moisturelevel in the air was higher in the kitchen and places without carpet. It worked for me. Good luck

Bee Siang ...

Hi Nelle…

Thank you so much for sharing the tips. Will try it for sure.
I hope it’ll work for me too :) Happy caking to you.

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Maria @ RooneyGirl BakeShop ...

try placing them in the oven with just the oven light turned on. Works wonders for me!