Are your purple cakes turning blue?

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Hi all,
Whenever I take pictures of a cake that has a purple hue to it, pictures turn out blue instead of the actual purple/mauve/lilac color. Any trick out there to make it look purple? Apparently, I am not the only one with this problem! I try to edit the pictures but the “real” color does not come through !

Any advice?

Not only pictures turn blue but the fondant itself, if left for more than a day or so, turns blue too. I read that Wilton purple colors remain the same, but the one I used on my latest cake was wilton and it did chnage color slightly and that Americolor changes drastically! They said to use some baking soda with your purple colored fondant to bring the actual color back (if not used yet). Has anyone tried that?

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Dina @ miettes,


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Michal Bulla ...

Hey Dina

The cause may have to do with the fact that your eyes can see the difference between blue and violet light, but many cameras cannot. Similarly the camera may be able to see the difference between violet and magenta in cases where your eyes cannot.

Do you use any picture editing software? You can adjust the hue settings in most picture editing software or adjust the levels of red, green or blue colors separately.

I hope this helps.

miettes ...

Hi Michal,
I do use an editing software to adjust the brightness/contrast/saturation but I never adjusted the levels of colors. I am going to try that on my purple cake and see how it goes. Thanks!

The Cake Tin ...

Dina thanks for posting this question :)
Thanks for that information Michal, I am one who often has issues with most shades of purple so i will give that a try next time I have a purple cake.

miettes ...

I am sure lighting makes a lot of difference too. am not taking any professional pictures nor do I have a professional camera, so this could also be one culprit :-(

Eat Cake ...

Hi Dina

As you know I have this problem too! I have a canon powershot camera, not quite an SLR but not too bad and I use a lightbox with bright white lights (though believe me I’m not sure if I’m doing it right at all!!! :) and I still can’t photograph purple very well! So I have just recently purchased Adobe Lightroom and (hopefully the picture is attached) have been playing around with hues! As you can see by the picture you can change the hue of the purple quite a lot, the image on the left is the original one and the image on the right I have adjusted the purple hue quite a bit! Et voila! A great way to adjust purpleness (is that a word?) in your photos. The only problem I can see is however, you would have to edit your photos when you still have the cake with you to get the shade as close to what you see in real life as possible, as I made this cake a couple of weeks ago now and I can’t remember what it looked like in real life! Anyway, Adobe lightroom have a free 30 day trial you can download and give a whirl, there is also lots of other cool functions on there too. Hope this helps a little bit! :)

BellaCakes & Confections ...

I actually researched this and Michal is correct. I always try and take my pictures outside for the best lighting (especially purple). If I can not do that I use my light box and then edit the hue and brightness on an android app called Aviary its great.

miettes ...

Kerry, wow, the difference is amazing! I am going to look into that software!

miettes ...

Diane, thanks for your response! I am sure outside pictures are much better, not only the lighting is more “natural” but they look prettier too :-)
I will also check the app so I can use it on my Samsung phone!

3DSweets ...

It can also help if you are able to get a white balance before your photo shoot. Takes care of all sorts of problems!

miettes ...

Thank you 3DSweets! I am checking how to do it if I don’t have photoshop!

Happy ...

If you add a tiny amount of red to your purple icing or fondant it will keep it’s color longer. The red is what is fading out.

miettes ...

Happy, thanks for the advice, I will try it!