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Just received this and wanted to share this with everyone. I immediately knew it was some sort of scam or joke but when I googled her email address it was confirmed.

Elizabeth Kerr has sent you a message using your contact form at:

Senders email:

Hi, my name is Elizabeth Kerr. I am looking for a 7 tiered cake for
275.These are the cake flavors I am interested in:

Dark chocolate butter cake
extra frangelico buttercream filling
thick layer dark chocolate truffle ganache filling with hazelnut praline

fresh pineapple-guava cake
fresh mango cherry filling in passion fruit buttercream filling

Gingerbread cake
Lemon buttercream filling with Carr’s Ginger Lemon Creme English Tea
Cookies crushed up in filling

Madagascar vanilla bean butter cake
triple citrus curd( lemon, Tangerine,and lime)
Strawberry with champagne preserves

honey butter cake
Pear and crystallized ginger butter filling
Honey buttercream

2 layers of dark chocolate almond flavored butter cake with walnuts
two layer of almond cheesecake with kirsched cherries filling

fresh apple pecan spice cake
apple pecan filling in Dulce DE leche buttercream

Madagascar vanilla bean buttercream under fondant

these are some idea I was thinking for decoration of the cake.

I would like peacock feathers all around the cake and the edges with
edible gold flakes. I would like the fondant to be a light tan color
like sand color
and I would like seashells on each tier.
I would like a hexagon shaped cake with purple grapes and edible gold
leafs I would like gold leafs painted on the cake and cluster of
purple grapes painted on cake each tier and purple velvet cloth going
down cake and I would like a white satin veil going down cake. sand
color fondant.

Please call me at 845-309-3230.

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5 Replies

SugaredSaffron ...

Hehe, sounds like the ugliest scam cake ever. Feather, seashells, grapes and a veil!

Sarah ...

Lol, that’s exactly what I thought! Oh my, what a cluttered cake! Thanks for letting us know! :)

Ansa ...

LOL wow….that’s some imagination the writer had….Can you imagine the time it took to type?
kinda funny!

Loren Ebert ...

It’s a scam… I read a discussion thread about this on another cake site last year. Don’t waste any time on it. :O)

Nikki Belleperche ...

I have always wondered WHY people make these scam orders? What do they gain from it? Purely to mess with some poor baker/decorator?