Free Tools to Help with Online Marketing for your Cake Decorating Business

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CakesDecor members please see the following free tools that can promote your cake decorating business, thus making it more marketable, increasing revenue etc.

For those who are desirous of the foregoing but do not know where to start, please feel free to explore the following 9 free online marketing tools. Time and space will not permit me to expand on each so I would just give you a few short words on each.

1) Google Adwords Keyword Tool – Google’s paid advertising service
2) Hootsuite – Allows you to manage social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook etc
3) Mailchimp – great for email marketing for small or medium business
4) Google Hangouts – video chat and screen sharing tool like Skype
5) Zono CRM – Customer Relationship Management software which includes features such as reminders etc
6) Wordpress – update your website for yourself using a Content Management System
7) Google Alerts – to know if people make mention of your business on their website etc
8) SEOmoz Toolbar – toolbar for optimizing search engine results
9) YouTube.GOT Video – tools and ideas for creating short videos

I have note explored any of the above as yet, but intend to do so when I get time. I hope the above acn assist.


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5 Replies

Michal Bulla ...

10) → free directory of cake decorators, so customers can find you easier

kmac ...

Ok thank Michal.

Kate Lau ...

Thanks Kerry for the info. Its funny how this is a coincidence, as I have been trying to search for online “helpers” and not know where to start

CakeXcellence ...

Thank you Kerry for putting all of these together. Great info x

kmac ...

You are both welcome Kate and Judith. I hope the information can assist. Best of luck!