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Hi Guys!!
I just had a thought, is there any option on the site /or can anyone make one – where you can see all the cakes that have been chosen in the past for editors choice, or click a button to see which of your own cakes have hit daily top 3 all on one page?

Does that even make sense?! LOL

Like I could go to my profile, click on something that says ‘my daily top 3’ and it shows all of my cakes that have made top 3 in the past, and the same for editors choice?

Thanks guys!



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Elaine ...

I think it’s a very good idea :)

Michal Bulla ...

Hey Tracey – there are lists of previous Daily Top 3 cakes and Editor’s Choices on the Cakes Gallery page. You can switch between them on the top:

most recent | most discussed | most favorited | editor’s choice | daily top 3 and top cakes | silent cakes for the last 30 days.

Unfortunately there is not a list of Daily Top 3 cakes or Editor’s Choices grouped by a member yet, but I really like the idea. I will try to implement something like that as soon as possible ;).


Little Cherry ...

Thanks Michal! It would be cool to see which of my cakes made the top 3 all on one page :D

Looking forward to it! xxx