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Hi there,

How many of you add a watermark to their pictures and which software do you use?

I have seen many with their logos watermarked and I can see why… I can’t tell you how many pictures I have seen on some FB pages of cakes claimaing they are theirs :-( when they are not!

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Dina @ miettes, http://www.facebook.com/pages/miettes/257790597632317


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Tammy Barrett ...

I add mine in photoshop. Its a bit sad really but needs must :/

miettes ...

Cakeybakeymakey, thanks!

Unfortunately, I don’t have Photoshop :-( and use mainly online photo editing softwares. I have found a couple of online watermarking software but wanted to check with everyone else to see what they were doing.
So, Photoshop is one. Any others out there?

Outrageous Cakes ...

We use Photoshop as well!!

Jenniffer White ...

I also use image editing software (Microsoft Image Composer) when I want to add a watermark, but a Google search for “free online watermarking” reveals several sites that will do it for you for free.

Peggy Does Cake ...

You can use a free software like Irfanview to watermark if you just want to do your name (like in my profile picture). I have a tutorial for it on my FB page. It won’t work for a logo though, only letters. I hope you begin watermarking, it’s very important that we all do this!

miettes ...

I googled this and found a couple of good ones but wanted to see if anyone is using an of those or a software such as Photoshop, which I don’t have…

Peggy, thank you and I will check your tutorial, that would be very helpful!!
Jennifer, thank you so much!
Outrageouscakes, thanks a lot!

Do you think it is appropriate to let the original creator know that someone else is using their pictures and claiming their work as theirs?

Jenniffer White ...

I just noticed that this watermarking software (link below) will be free in a day or so. Bits du Jour offers discounted software every day and we have bought from them before. It is totally legit – it’s usually software developers trying to get some word-of-mouth buzz going for their new applications.


For free it’s totally worth a shot!

PS – I think it’s always a good idea to let someone know that their pictures have been stolen. I would want to know!

miettes ...

Jennifer, thanks so much. I will check it out!
And yes, you are right, I would want to know too so I will let them know…
Thanks again!

Nicole - Just For The Cake Of It ...

I’ve just been using Paint on my pc, it works for now. I tried the free 30 day trial with photoshop, but that was way over my wee brain (and I was using free tutorials that were really great … ya, it wasn’t pretty).

I keep meaning to try some of the free software out there, but haven’t yet.
Sadly watermarking is a necessity, I even put the copyright logo at the end of my business name thinking that would stop someone! :)

miettes ...

Thanks Nicole, I did not even think of checking Paint :-) I will check it with the links provided above.

This question came to my mind when lately, I’ve seen a lot of pictures on cakesdecor.com watermarked; and I remember Shereen having a problem with picture theft and I’ve seen several yesterday which were used inappropriately, which ran the alarm bell!!!

Nicole - Just For The Cake Of It ...

I’ve known people to have their pictures stolen on facebook WITH watermarks!!! At least you can easily prove they are yours and facebook will shut the other pages down.

I think others will really appreciate you letting them know.
Good luck with the watermarking! :)

miettes ...

Nicole, thanks for your response! Can’t believe some people would steal even with watermarks!!!

Raewyn Read Cake Design ...

Hi Dina, I swear by Picasa. It’s a free download and has editing software included so you can everything in the one place. I LOVE it and have recommended it to so many in the 2 years I’ve been using it…and did I mention that it’s FREE?? :) x

miettes ...

Hi Raewyn, thanks… Did not think of Picasa to be honest… I have Picasa but have not used it for a while so I didn’t know I could do it there… And yes, FREE!!! it’s a good thing :-)

Raewyn Read Cake Design ...

Hey Dina…it’s also fabulous for doing picture collages of any size. I use it for all my cover pictures on facebook and for my Cake Wrecks Inspirations vs Perspiration pics ;) x