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I recently had the hardest time covering a 6 in cake dummy. I covered the 10 in dummy that also happened to be 6 in tall in Wilton fondant without much difficulty. I wanted to use Wilton since I can get it for cheap and it was just for a dummy. I covered the 8 in without trouble. Then the 6 in. I covered it in Wilton and had to redo it two times before I was “ok” enough with it to try to take a picture. Thankfully it had a good front but the back was awful. It kept tearing. I had an event planner friend who asked to borrow the dummy for a photoshoot. No problem except I wanted to redo the top tier. Since I had such trouble with the Wilton fondant, I decided to try covering it with Fondarific. I had the same issues as Wilton, including elephant skin-something I didn’t expect.

Any tips for covering dummy cakes? I have a great sketch for these same dummies and I want this new design to turn out better!

Ali, Ventura CA


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Jenniffer White ...

Are you putting the fondant directly on the styrofoam? i coat my dummies with a thin coat of shortening before I cover them with fondant. I have never had any tearing issues, especially with Fondarific. If you use a base coat of shortening, I have heard you can soak the dummy in hot water after it’s useful life is over and the fondant will come right off. I haven’t tested that yet though.

Ali Davis ...

Yea I rub shortening all over it. I haven’t had any issues with fondarific before this dummy. I’ve removed fondant with no problem. I did a dummy about 10 months ago. All I had to do was really steam the dummy (more than you ever would when normally steaming a cake) and then take my straight spatula and peal it off. I suggest wearing gloves when doing that-it gets messy!