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Hello everyone :-) First post here… Love the website! Hopefully I can get an answer to my question :-)

I’ve seen these on quite a few cakes. It looks like color flow, but with chocolate… Can someone please explain to me how this is done? What knid of chocolate do you use? Thank you in advance :-)

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Tea Party Cakes ...

Hi, this is a great technique to try and it is very similar to colour flow. You can use Wilton candy melts for this as they have a wide range of colours and you can use their oil based chocolate food colours to create any colour you might want. Put waxed paper over the picture that you want to trace (I usually tape this to the back of a cookie pan), then pipe the outline onto the waxed paper with your chocolate then place in the fridge to set. I usually melt my chocolate in small bottles that I can fit a piping tip onto, but you can melt the chocolate in a bowl and then transfer it to a disposable piping bag if you want. Once your outline has set, fill in your larger areas in your desired colours. Gently tap the picture to remove unwanted air bubbles, then place in the fridge to set. After picture is set go back over the entire design with white chocolate. This reinforces the picture and you are less likely to get breakage. Put back in the fridge to set for a few minutes and voila, you are done!
Hope this helps you.

ArtisticIcingCakes ...

:-) Thank you Tea party Cakes! I completely understand now! :-D