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Hi, I was wondering if a client ask you for a doll cake, is it rude to tell them to supply you with their daughter’s barbie doll, so you can put it on top of the Wilton mold cake? cause i can’t always afford one! hehe! thanks:)

Nadine A.


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Rachel ...

I always factor the doll into the price of the cake. So if the doll cost $20 then i add $20 to the price.. That way you always get the doll that you want and are never out of pocket. HTH

Sugar&Spice by NA ...

Thank you so much, good idea:)

Angelica ...

As frostedfantasies stated I would factor the price of the doll into the cake. You can find the “generic” barbie dolls for cheap. I would ask the client what price range they would want to stay in for the doll.

Maria @ RooneyGirl BakeShop ...

I am always upfront with my clients and ask them kindly to provide me with the doll at their expense or I will purchase it and add it to their invoice. They understand and most of them want their child to have the full sized doll after the party so everyone is happy.

jeneferlopez7 ...

I am not a cake baker. Can you guys tell me how much you expense on 1 kg doll cake? or it’s depend on its height not on weight?

Joyce Nimmo ...

I’m working on a cake for my mom … she collects Royal Doulton Porcelain dolls. I decided to make her a doll cake … with a twist … the doll is crafted from gum paste. I can hardly wait to make the skirt for this doll cake :)

The picture were taken with my cell phone … sorry for the poor quality.

Nikki Belleperche ...

I give my customers an option of either providing me with the doll they want me to use or paying for the doll they wish to have on the cake.