bad cake day today

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.. just feeling a bit sad, yah i know ‘its just a cake’… but its my pride okay.. when u are almost done and u are beating the last hour to deadline and disasters happens.. helpless and clueless what to do. i want to cry but all i can do was laugh and sit and stretch my legs and say to the damaged cake ’ dang i will eat u myself!’


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Fun Fiesta Cakes ...

So sorry to hear it – I know that feeling in the pit of your stomach that is screaming – Ohhhh, nooooo!!!! LOL

Just laugh it off – and try again! Hope you made your deadline!

Tina Salvo Cakes ...

yes thank u miss Funfetti i did met my deadline but not soo happy about how my cake looked. just lucky that the client stiil paid full for it.. anyways, i will try and really do better and be really, really careful next time. huggsss! :)