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I have seen where some of you have used a different colored cake in a particular shape inside your cake and it looks amazing when cut into. (a heart, a clover…) Well, I think I am ready to try this but I have no idea how y’all do it! Do any of you have or know of a tutorial? Thanks so much!

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Valley Kool Cakes (well half of it~Tara) ...

I saw this tutorial on a site a used to make a rose cake. Hope it helps

SarahBeth3 ...

Thanks so much, Tara! Anyone else have more?

Valley Kool Cakes (well half of it~Tara) ... here is another site this one talks about doing it with cupcakes

SarahBeth3 ...

Thank you, Tara. That was very helpful and I like the look of hers. Can’t wait to try this!

Benni Rienzo Radic ...

Wilton makes a pan to do the heart shape inside also. Remember seeing it at AC Moore. Here is a link to what it looks like.

Tiffany Palmer ...

www.iambaker has tutorials on this!