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I have a friend who is a strict VEGAN (no animal or dairy products AT ALL). She wants to sculpt a large dragon (think almost table size in length) but is looking for an alternative to RKT. She found a few recipes that use corn syrup but is afraid it won’t hold together. Unfortunately the vegan marshmallows available are going to be too pricey for the amount she needs.

Has anyone used the vegan RKT recipes for carving??? Or do you have an alternative solution?

Any help is much appreciated!!!


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Maria of Love & Sugar Kisses,


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Jenniffer White ...

Hmmm… my first thought is making your own marshmallow for your RKT. If you’ve never made it, it is fairly easy and tastes great. You would just need to find a vegan substitute for the gelatin. I know there are vegan substitutions for gelatin like agar-agar, but you would need to play with the recipe to get the right consistency. As for the margarine/butter in the RKT, just leave it out. I always leave it out when I’m making RKT for sculpting – they don’t taste AS good, but they hold up better to carving!