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I was so excited that one of my cakes made the daily top 3 yesterday that I wanted to post my shiny new badge to my website but I cant work out how to do it. I tried to save the image but it doesnt show the date that comes with the badge. Also is there a way to share it on my pacebook page? Can anyone help please?
Many thanks in advance :) – Julie x
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Jenniffer White ...

The easiest thing to do may be to just take a screen shot of the page with the badge on it (using ALT+Print Screen on a PC) and then using an image editor (like MS Paint) just cut out the badge with the date and post that to your site with a link back to your cake.

Michal Bulla ...

Unfortunately, there’s not a feature that allows you to do that. As Cupadeecakes said, the easiest way to do that is to make a screen shot. Here you are:

If you want me to send you the picture in better resolution, send me your email through private message.

Cake Temptations (Julie Talbott) ...

Thank you both so much for your help :)
Yes Michal, that would be great please. I will PM you now :) x