How do you achieve this snowy cake look?

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Hi, my bride wants one of her tiers to look like the attached photo- like a glittery snowy crystal looking texture- my guess is this is edible glitter but I’m not sure? But does anyone have any suggestions on how to acheive this look? thank you in advance for your help.

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Maria @ or


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Sweet Heaven Cakes ...

Hi Maria
I guess you can use “Magic Sparkles” (
I bouhth mine in
or "sugar sand ":

I hop these items can you help

Nikki Belleperche ...

I agree that it looks a bit like the magic sparkles sweetheaven posted. Wilton also makes something similar called “cake sparkles” They come in a variety of colors including white which don’t have the rainbow look those magic sparkles seem to have.

White sanding sugar would also give a similar effect, with in my opinion, more of a crystal/ice look rather then a fluffy snow look of the cake sparkles.