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Hi, everybody, I normally use simple syrup on all of my cakes, but I always wonder if I put too much – which hasn’t been the case yet, but I still worry!

I recently read in a post that the ratio should be 3-4 tbsp of simple syrup for every egg – in other words, if you use 3 eggs in your batter, you need b/w 9-12 tbsp of syrup.

Has anybody followed this formula? If not, how much syrup do you add to the cake – in my area, people seem to favor a wet-type cake, but I’m afraid to make it soggy.

Your comments are appreciated!

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I’ve worked with simple syrup (SS) and cakes for a while and my go-to rule of thumb is this:

While soaking the cake layers with a pastry brush and SS, routinely gently press a finger onto the top of the cake layer… if it looks wet (but not pooling) and not dry and sponge-ish, you’re at a good level.

It’s important to routinely check different areas of the layer to make sure you have even saturation as well.
Just MHO : )


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Thank you – I’ll try that next time. :))))))