HELP! Cake artist needed in Long Island NY....Yikes

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Hi cake peeps!
I am having a shaking my head moment….
A woman ordered a cake for this sunday sept 30. I looked at the message, gave her some ideas. We decided on price and colors etc. It is a Peter Pan 3rd birthday cake.
I was looking through setting up my deliveries for the weekend and realized I didn’t have her address, she sent the address….drum roll…..its 5 hours from me. Some how this has fallen through the cracks…..I do cakes in other states but no more than an hour or so away. There is no way I can deliver this cake to her sunday I have several other cakes and set up.
So my question is ?? Is there anyone in the Long Island area that would have the ability to squeeze a cake in for sunday? Im trying to resolve this, the customer has not gotten back to me, so I was hoping to have a solution for her! thanks a struggling to hold it together cake chick! :( ugh
Thanks Nicole

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Nicole, Cupcake Chick


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Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer ...

I would contact The Baking Sheet. She is in Long Island

Hopefully she will also see this post. I am not sure how often she is on here

Nicole Marker ...

Thank you Jennifer!