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Hi, I have seen so many beautiful photos taken of everyones cakes, I was wondering if anyone could share with me how do you get such gorgeous photos?? Is there a software everyone uses or do you really use different fabric backgrounds maybe?? Would love to know how its done!

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Rosita, Florida,


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Nikki Belleperche ...

My photos are not as nice as most of the amazing cakers I see around but I am broke and usually VERY tiered when i finish a cake and start taking pictures of it lol. I use poster boards for my backgrounds (2 for $1 at dollar tree), my Iphone for my camera, and a lamp with no shade as my light source. I just set up my poster boards, place my cake then hold the lamp where I need it with one hand and take photos with the other. Quick, simple, and pretty decent results with minimal cost and effort.

Jenniffer White ...

I create a pretty inexpensive photo station in my shop. I use a couple of lights I got really cheap at IKEA and made a small rack that holds 4 different photo papers. Recently I added a couple of magnetic bars (also from IKEA) so that I can hold up fabric samples too. I will hit the fabric sections of the craft stores and usual;y buy the remnants. Usually 2 yards of fabric is plenty.

A good entry level DSLR will take better pictures than a point n shoot, but good lighting is key to a good picture. Sometimes the best pictures o my cakes is when I get them outside in the natural sunlight.

Here’s a picture of my photo booth setup:

Sophisticated ...

Great Idea Jennifer, thank you for sharing!