Pozdrav or Hello from my little but beautiful Croatia!

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I wannted to become a part of this sweet community for such a long time but never had enough self confidence to “click” here and present myself!
Now I see I was just loosing time not seeing all those beautiful cakes and art you guys make!
Hope to see and learn many great things, and to help whenever I can.
No have to go and fav your pics 😍


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9 Replies

Elli Warren ...

Hi! Your cakes are lovely! :-) x

Tea Latin ...

Thanks! I noticed you and your cakes first and they are all so cute and lovely, too!

Michal Bulla ...

Hi there and welcome to CakesDecor. I was in Croatia for a vacation this year with my family – Between Split and Zadar ;).

June ("Clarky's Cakes") ...


Tea Latin ...

June, thanks!
Michael, hope you liked it! Zadar is my fav city by the sea 😉

Zaklina ...

Dobro nam dosla Tea Latin! <3

Tea Latin ...

Hvala Žaklina

Sandra Smiley ...

Hello and welcome! You do beautiful work and I know you will enjoy this community!

Tea Latin ...

Thank you Sandra 😚