Its my first day 😁

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My name is Christy I’m from Washington State I have made some cool cakes in my days but I never had to do the baking part I always just decorated the cake. I have been trying for months to make Frosting and icing with no luck I am stuck but will get past it sooner or later.

I would like to open my own cake business one day and have bought every thing I could possibly need every food coloring etc but I have told myself I can’t move forward until I figure out the baking part.

I do have a full time job at a hotel and a husband and kids but they are supportive I just need to get past some speed bumps I am looking forward to combing thru this forum I’ve never been on one but figured I need to :)


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Michal Bulla ...

Welcome Christy! Sounds like a plan ;). I’m sure our members will help you with any questions you’ll have ;)

Sandra Smiley ...

Hello Christy, and welcome to the sweet world of cake! There are oodles of fabulous tutorials on line and wonderful recipes shared by some of the biggest names in the trade. For some proven recipes, check out Sugar Geek Show (Liz Marek), who also have amazing tutorials for decorating. Shawna McGreevy, Cake Heads, Edna de la Cruz, Design Me A Cake, and Sedar Yener, Yener’s Way, also have amazing tutorials and recipes. Great places to start!