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Can anyone recommend a cupcake box supplier in UK wo deals with small amounts? I usually buy from ebay but am having nothing but trouble, they either take ages to get to me, ir they arrive and have something wrong with them, i bought 2 lots of 12 hole boxes last week for cupcakes for this weekend, bought from 2 different sellers just to be safe, one lot are ok unitl you try & put cajkes in them, then holes are so close together the cakes touch, and the 2nd lot they have sent the wrong size boxes, HELP!!!!!

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AnitaBGood ...


Dont know if you are anywhere near a Home Bargains, I just bought a couple of packs of cup cake boxes, there are 2 in a packet and they hold six good size cupcakes. They were 79p which I thought was quite a bargain, I’m off to buy a job lot later. Good luck.

Julia ...

The bag n box man is a great site I use they you can find them online and the service is great, they are really quick in posting items to you aswell

Bootiful Cakes and Cupcakes ...

ryepack are good :-)

Sandra's cakes ...

Thanks eveyone will have a look x

Sugar Daddy ...

I usually buy suitable cupcake boxes from this site:

They provide boxes at a really reasonable rate. Give it a try!!!