How do you handle it??

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Have you ladies ever had someone be under you, watch you, and ask questions just so that they could steal business from you? What I don’t understand is, why not just ask for what you want to know? I like to help people w/ whatever I know [someone did it for me, so I def don’t mind doing the same for someone else]. It just makes me “apprehensive” so to speak when people sneak and do it instead of asking.

*How did/do you ladies handle this??

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Bakermama ...

Yes!!! Just recently, I had someone pepper me with a ton of questions while I was at a dinner. I thought she was simply being polite and pretending to be interested in cakes (since I know I talk about them too much and bore others to tears…) but then toward the end of our conversation, she word-for-word said “well this is all good info, since I’m going to start decorating myself and under cut your prices to steal your clients”. To which her friend within ear shot said “Oh you should, since cakes cost hardly anything to make anyway!!”


My then foot-in-mouth reply was “well good, you’ll get all the sh** cheapskate clients I don’t want anyway”.

I was ashamed as soon as I said it, but now the more I think about that conversation, the happier I am that I said it. Who does that?? I wouldn’t go to her husband’s business and tell his boss that I’ll take his job for less pay. If she wants to go into business making cakes, that’s fine. If she has questions, I’ll be happy to answer them. But don’t sneak around “stealing advice” then brag about stealing my customers. Clearly she & her friend know nothing about baking to begin with since “cakes hardly cost anything to make anyway”. I wish her luck.

Donna Tokazowski- Cake Hatteras, Hatteras N.C. ...

I try to keep my baking secrets to myself.
Other then that I say, “Karma, baby!”

Bakermama: You go girl! I don’t know how many times I think of the good come back lines, 30 minutes after the fact!

Jenniffer White ...

She’ll find out real fast how cheap cakes are to make! LOL!! I agree with tokazodo, Karma’s a spiteful winch!