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I need your help/advice! Friend has asked me to do her daughters first Bday cake. I’m fairly new at this craft. The bottom tier is white and pink stripe. But it doesn’t look like its done by cutting strips and gluing them on. How would u say this was done and how can i do it?!? I really dont want to disapoint her.

Here’s the pic of the cake she wants me to make:

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Valley Kool Cakes (well half of it~Tara) ...

I would do something like shown on this link only on a bigger scale.
Do you have The Mat by Sweetwise? That would make it a lot easier, I love mine.

cakesbycarla ...

The Mat?? No i never heard. Thank u for the link I’ll go snoop at it :)

Pamela ...

This is an adorable cake she has chosen. No offense to Valley Cool Cakes, but that procedure will not give you the look of the cake in the pic. The cake in the pic has more of a 3d look.

I think your fondant will look more like on the cake in the pic if you roll long ‘logs’ of each color. Since you are new to this, it may help you cover the cake with fondant first and then use gumpaste glue to attach each log diagonally as in the pic. This way your icing won’t pull away with the weight of the logs. Slightly flatten each log so it won’t be so rounded.

It should be interesting to cut with all that fondant, so don’t make the logs too thick. Post a pic when you’re done. Good luck.

Valley Kool Cakes (well half of it~Tara) ...

Oh no offence taken, that is a really good idea Pamstiersofjoy, I hadn’t thought of that! =)

cakesbycarla ...

That is a good idea. I think that i will do that. Origionally was thinking of cutting strips then adding them one by one. But the way u say it sounds easier plus i think the way u mention it… Its not houng to fall apart.

Thank u!
Great suggestions I do appreciate it!

Fun Fiesta Cakes ...

I agree with PamsTiersofJoy – However, if I were doing this cake, I would use an extractor to produce even logs. An extractor is a great gadget that cake designers use to produce logs, create hair on gumpaste people, grass, etc. You can google it to see what it looks like. I finally broke down and purchased one – it is worth the investment – especially if you buy it at Michaels with a 50% off coupon.

As you push out the logs, twist them (as shown in the pictures) and place them on your cake. The good thing about these logs is that they will cover any imperfection you may have underneath. You could try skipping the fondant on the cake and simply place the logs onto a thin layer of layer of royal icing to ensure that logs will stay put. Putting fondant on the cake and adding more fondant logs on top – might make the cake too heavy.

Good luck and please, post the picture when you are done!

cakesbycarla ...

An extractor?? I havent seen them at the Micheals here in Edmonton. But it would be nice as i have a coupon.

I have a feeling this cake may give me a few a grey hairs.

Pamela ...

I’ve never seen an extruder here in any of the three Michael’s in my area, nor the two Hobby Lobby stores or Joann’s. They do have them in the clay crafting area, but they are tiny, (approx. 4 inches long and 1/2 inch? in diameter) it would be easier to roll each than to use that tiny thing. LOL I know you can find them online, but I just never think to go searching for them…maybe I’ll do that right now. :)

BTW: The clay crafting supply aisles have great items for fondant work, teenie tiny metal cutters, tools, molds, etc.

Good luck.

cakesbycarla ...

Thank u for all of you tips! Cake is due on the 13 th! Stay tuned for pics! (cross ur fingers)

Fun Fiesta Cakes ...

I bought mine at Michael’s in the polymer clay section. It was $20 something, but I only paid half with the coupon. If you can’t find it at your Michael’s store, you may want to call them to find out if they have it at any of their other stores. eBay may also have extruders -

cakesbycarla ...

just wanted to say that I did buy the clay extruder but ended up not using it! this cake was a chalenge first time for stripes.. for design … and it was so hot and humid…urgh… finally its over..
just about to go and post pic :)
Thank you you all again for all your help!