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I am doing the wedding cake for my Grandson and his fiancee in March. I live in California and they are in Arizona. I am shipping the cake by air in the CakeSafe carrier. Questions, has anyone done this and have any advise for me? How far in advance should I arrive at the airport to ship this and allow myself time to board my plane? Where do you locate the cake once you have landed? Would it be in the same area as baggage? I am nervous and trying to make sure I have a plan and idea of how best to collect my luggage and the cake. Then, how to get it in the CakeSafe to the car of whoever is picking me up at the airport.



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Calli Creations ...

I’m with you on the nervous bit Shirley and interested to know what other people’s experiences are on this as I’m doing a wedding cake for my cousin’s son whose getting married in Mauritius and it’s being transported from UK. First time at this and when I get more info, I’ll happily share with you :) every bit helps 🤗

Pamela Jane ...

I just had an old friend inquire about me shipping his wedding cake. I live in Missouri, he lives in New York. Makes me nervous to think about shipping a wedding cake! I’m curious as well.

Goreti ...

Wish I could help you but have no idea. You may want to contact the airline for some guidance.

Cakeicer (Shirley) ...

I did get some good suggestions from CakeSafe. Don’t call the airlines ahead for cake shipping information because they won’t know what you are talking about. They are featuring a 2 layer cake in a pink cardboard cake box. Since the CakeSafe box has a clear top and front, and 2 sides of opaque plastic, print out a large message to tape to the top pleading with the handlers to lift from the bottom, not the top or sides. To remind them it is fragile cake and they say when handlers actually look through the clear side and see a cake in there they are usually very respectful and handle with care. What I didn’t ask about was the cost of shipping because it depends on where it is coming from and where it is going. I was told to grab a rolling cart at the airport door and wheel the CakeSafe right up to the check in area and send it as you will your luggage. Wedding isn’t until March 3rd so hope to find a rolling cart that might hold my luggage in one area and the CakeSafe on top. I am also going to buy several long Bungee cords to go all the way over and around the box.
I am making sugar flowers to put on the cake once I arrive, I will carry them on the plane in a cellophane topped box so they can see them when I go through security. Hopefully the wired petals won’t set off the alarm if they scan them. I will put them in a box that can slide under my plane seat. My flight should only be an hour I am guessing so think they will be safe. Not bringing any carry on bag with me so am only responsible for getting myself and the flowers on and off the plane. Wish me luck. I will update this when the time comes.
Oh, and the cake won’t be coming down the carousel luggage turnstile. They will hand truck it to the office next to baggage. I could just see that CakeSafe lying on it’s side and swirling around the carousel as I tried to grab it. :)

Margie ...

I think you contacted the right people for advice, Juli from Cake Safe even has a video on their site. Good Luck

Cakeicer (Shirley) ...

Thank you Margie. I need Juli on that flight to hold my hand until we land and I see that cake still intact!

Margie ...

Lol! She just might if you pay her way! I purchased a Cake Safe from her a while back and was afraid to push the rod through my decorated cake……….so it sat in the box for almost 2 YEARS!!! I met Juli at a cake show and told her of my fears, she offered that next time I need to deliver a cake , call her on the phone and she would walk me through it ( hold my hand). I thought that was so nice of her. So the next time delivery came up I summoned up all my courage and did it by myself. She and her company are great! I wish you luck.

Cakeicer (Shirley) ...

Thanks. She talked me through a lot of it by phone too, she has great customer service.