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Hi! I’m a self taught newbie and I already love this site. I’m from the Philippines and summer is over.I’m working on a fondant cake now and because it’s always raining I noticed that the fondant is always wet/moist..what will I do to make it look shinny but not dry and not wet?thank you guys in advance!

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Bliss Pastry ...

I have to run a dehudifier in my house often when I do cakes. Especially fondant cakes. It does help. Not drastically but it helps some. My air conditioner is also old and too small for our equally old house so battling the heat and humidity is always an issue for me. Working early in the morning or at night with the AC turned down as low as it will run (which for me still doesn’t get too cool!) with the dehumidifier helps. I can’t always work at night though. Good luck to you this is an issue many of us in tropical zones face.

pearleescakes ...

Thank you so much! I will try that :D

pearleescakes ...

I’m so amazed with the beautiful flowers that u created..great work!