Anybody have problems with ordering from bakers kitchen

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I ordered 100 dollars worth of fondant coloring and tips.
They came in a huge box so the fondant buckets banged around came open, coloring everywhere, tips ruined.
I sent the box back and was suppose to get a replacement and they left it in the same box and repackaged into a bigger cardboard box with the same damaged supplies.
I can’t believe it. I don’t even know what to do, I emailed them. waiting for an answer because they are closed now. It has been a month with this order.
I needed these supplies for a class and now and stuck trying to scramble for more.
Any advice.

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Sarah ...

I ordered from Bakers Kitchen once and it was a large set of edible airbrush paint. The “Electric Pink” paint bottle cap was not secured well and the aluminum/plastic seal under the cap had become unsealed during transit. So all of my other paint bottles, including the box and eventually my hands were covered in hot pink airbrush paint. Since 1/2 of the bottle was still left and I was able to rinse all of the other bottles off, I didn’t contact the company. But I also never ordered from them again. I do all of my cake supply ordering through Global Sugar Art.

Paula ...

Then another order came the sme way Fondant open falling out of bag no packing everything bent. I cant believe they do not add packing to boxes and put one piece of tape on box so it opens.

kathy ...

Thankfully I have never ordered from them and after reading these posts I will stay as far away from them as possible.. Just sayin…

Nikki Belleperche ...

That is shocking. Thank you for the warning to stay away from them! Sheesh!

Karen MacFadyen ...

See you never have a second chance to make a first impression!! Anyway these guys sound like they need to smarten up their act big time. Surely they know that the cake decorating community all talk…….. I bet they are sitting there wondering why they are hardly selling anything any more!!

Sarah ...

I feel bad because I don’t want people to just black list them :( I’m sure if you’re ordering something that can stand to be bumped around a little, it would be okay. And their prices are reasonable. I guess you’re right though, you only get one chance at first impressions :(