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Hi, everybody,

I’ts me again… I need to make a wedding dress cake for a bridal shower. i saw a tutorial on how to make one, but I am having a terrible time getting the “torso” to come out – does anybody know if they sell torsos so I would only have to make the top of the dress in fondant – OR, if you have any tips on how to make it so it looks like a torso (LOL) I would appreciate your input.!/pages/FunFetti-Cakes/271035662917797

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Tammy ...

i know they sell “barbies” that are just the top half, the lower half is just a spike that you stick in the cake. i don’t know if you need to have one without the head. anyway, i saw them at Micheal’s. hope that helps

Fun Fiesta Cakes ...

I have seen them and, in fact, I bouught one to make a Barbie cake. I need a “headless” torso to drape the top of the wedding dress over it and stick it into the bottom part, which will be all cake. There’s a tutorial, which I will be using, but the instructions to make the torso sound easier than it really is.

Thank you just the same – I appreciate your taking the time to tell me about the Barbie head. :))))