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I just wanted to share the fact I found Jester’s Cake Supply’s eBay store has 4-5 lb. buckets of Satin Ice for $79.95 with free shipping. It’s the cheapest I’ve found factoring in shipping charges which are ridiculous everywhere. I usually use Fondx but the last few batches I’ve gotten have been grainy with little “pebbles” which I can’t get rid of no matter how long I knead it. I’ve used Satin Ice once before and it worked out pretty well.


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Elisa Colon ...

I’ve had that problem with Fondx too, but they were quick to resolve with little questions. I want to say it took like 3 days for a replacement. Satin Ice is now as forgiving and dries fast. We (Satin Ice & I) are starting to get along….

Sarah ...

Thanks so much Kendra! I’ve been using Satin Ice for awhile now and have grown to love it. I also have been dabbling with Fondarific’s flavored fondant just lately (Strawberry, Cherry & Chocolate Cherry). I always order my Satin Ice from Global Sugar Art though. Their 20lb bucket is $44.95 and shipping is around $25. I usually find a coupon code online before I place my orders though – This past order I used code “FREE150” and saved $15.60 from the total.

Cathy ...

I like Satin Ice, but sometimes have problems with “elephant skin” like a big line of wrinkle in the middle of the cake after I roll it. Anyone else have this problem?

Kendra ...

Thanks, smokwa! I live in the middle of nowhere when it comes to finding cake supplies unless I can get it at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s and their selection is very limited. That’s why I’ve been ordering for a while. I can’t get over how much it costs to ship fondant. My last order cost over $50 just to ship! Do you mind sharing where you found the coupon code? I receive emails from GSA but I haven’t seen a coupon for fondant lately.

Chocolateintheoven: I’ve dealt with that before as well. Through trial and error, I know now that it’s much easier to get a more flawless cake if you roll out a bit more fondant than you think you’ll need to cover the cake.

I’ve used Fondx for a while and I really like it, but after receiving two 10 lb. tubs of grainy product ordered from GSA I decided to try Satin Ice again. We’ll see how it works. I will say that I called CalJava and told them about the little pebbles and they sent me a replacement within 4 days but I haven’t opened it yet.

Katie Cortes ...

You can also use the coupon code “cakecentral” on the Jester’s website and save 10% off your order. :)

Raewyn Read Cake Design ...

Wow, that’s terrible Kendra! I was looking forward to trying the Fondx, but I think I might give it a miss now tho. It would do my head in to get a tub of fondant like that. I’m glad you like Satin Ice, it doesn’t agree with our climate here in Sydney at all…I couldn’t wait to see the back of the massive tub I had ordered. I’m back to using our locally made Bakels fondant. You really appreciate something more when you’ve had a couple of dodgy substitutes hey? lol! :)