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Hi, i have a question for you.
I never put my cakes in the fridge, because the fondant sweats and the cake starts to melt. But i know that there are people who does.
Do you put your cakes in the fridge?

Magda Martins - Doce Art


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SugarMagicCakes (Christine) ...

I never put my fondant covered cakes in the fridge…..but I do know that if you do, you just have to let them come back to room temp and they will eventually dry back out. Ive heard you cant touch them until they have dried out.
I do put my ganache and buttercreamed cakes in the fridge to set before I cover them…….I get a much better fondant finish that way. Hope this helps xx

SugarMagicCakes (Christine) ...

Oh and once your buttercream/ganache has set, ive found using a light sugar syrup or piping gel, brushed on the cake helps the fondant stick better.

Magda Martins - Doce Art ...

Christine, i do that too :) , abot the cakes dry, whem i first start making cakes with fondant, i did that, but mine did’t dry, they star to melt , literally, that’s why i ask how it goes with you.

Cake Chic3 ...

Magda do you perhaps freeze your cakes before covering with fondant? I find freezing cakes leads to the fondant weeping/melting a lot.

I chill my fondant cakes before covering with fondant. I usually cover my cakes few hours before pick up and I don’t need to put them in the fridge, but when I have perishable cake filling or I do make the cake many hours in advance I do refrigerate them. To minimise the fondant sweating I cover the cakes with Firm/cling wrap and refrigerate them, and when I take them out of the fridge I leave the cling wrap on till they come to room temperature.It’s not 100% effective but it helps.I also find that some fondant is better than others when it comes to bleeding and sweating so do experiment with different types.

Magda Martins - Doce Art ...

Cake Chic3, I never freeze my cakes, i do put my ganache cakes in the fridge to set before I cover them. that’s it.
Here we do not have many kinds of fondant, i already tried the ones that i can find here and they do the same.

SugarMagicCakes (Christine) ...

I dont know Magda sorry…..the one time I did refrigerate my fondant cake it dried out ok.

June ("Clarky's Cakes") ...

I put my my cakes in the fridge, but I have a dehumidifier in my fridge, so my fondant doesn’t get wet. But even with my old fridge, as Christine stated, you take your cake out and let fondant come to room temperature and don’t touch the fondant.

Magda Martins - Doce Art ...

That’s what i used to do when i first began, but they always melt. I stop putting them on the fridge when they are covered with fondant.