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When I joined this site, I was able to upload 2 photos, but since then I have tried a number of times and it doesn’t seem to work. I have no idea what my problem is as I am able to successfully upload to FB and my website. How small should the photos be?

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Michal Bulla ...

There is no limit for the picture dimensions and you should be able to upload 6 pictures for one Cake. What happen when you try to upload the picture? Did you get any error message ?

Cakesue ...

No I don’t get any error message, just a box on the left bottom saying……waiting for cakesdecor.com
and it waits and waits and waits!! Very strange!

Michal Bulla ...

Waiting for cakesdecor.com ?? That’s really weird, because there is this message while waiting for uploading:

Uploading your image.
This may take a few seconds depending on the picture size and your connection speed.

Do you use laptop, iPad or desktop? Could you upload a screenshot here ?

Cakesue ...

My photos were way too big. I have re-sized a couple and it has worked!
Thanks for the trouble!!

Cakesue ...

Thanks for the trouble……… I meant thanks for going into the trouble of helping to solve my problem!!

La Verne ...

I want to upload my first few cakes, however there seems to be a problem uploading the photos, the space provided is not highlighted. Pls help :(

Joyce Nimmo ...

There is a size criteria, the program will give an error if the picture is over 5000 KB. I just resize my pics and then retry. Someday I will remember to check first J:~D

La Verne ...

Okey , thanks a lot,will give it a try :)

Hersheysmom ...

Is there a way to upload photos from my iPad? Thank you so much!

L.Huckle ...

I have the same problem with my ipad, the button is greyed out when i want to select a photo to upload

Sarah F ...

I dont think you are able to upload pics from an ipad, I wasnt ever able to from an iphone.