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O.K. guys so I’ve looked and looked and can NOT find the LED multi color lights that people use on cakes. I need the ones that have no wire and typically are the one time use sort of thing? Please please please help! :)

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Sweets By Monica ...

I found them in the wedding aisle at Michael’a

DeliciousDeliveries ...

Yes, Michael’s, AC Moore, and Hobby Lobby both sell them in the bridal department. However, they are the clear ones. I have never seen multicolor.

sara nieto ...

JO-ANN fabfric has it,i don’t know if you have that store in your area but you can shop on line they have multicolor wireless LED lights at the flower dept.

chrys ...

see http://www.imigyled.com/product/she/ for LED Spotlights .maybe you can find one. ive see someone use spotlights to light up their cakes.

mayday ...

LED Strips are OK.

Sarah ...

I’m with everyone else – I’ve seen them at Michael’s, JoAnn Fabric and AC Moore in the Wedding aisle. The ones that I bought are called “Balloon lights” because I guess they are meant to be inserted into helium balloons. They take 3 tiny cell batteries (included) and twist on and off. They say on the packaging that they will last for 8 hours. Good luck!