How do I rotate my photos?

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How do I rotate my photos?

I am not that great with computers! How do I rotate my photos?


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Corrie ...

it depends on what you are using to get the pictures onto your computer. most picture programs will have a tool bar at the bottom or give you options if you right-click on the picture to edit. there’s always some editing option somewhere that will say “rotate left” and “rotate right” or even just have an icon that shows a little picture with a curved arrow. and most important is to re-save once you get it going the right direction. if my answer isn’t seeming to help,lol….you can google “how do I rotate my pictures” and you will probably find way better explanations!

Michal Bulla ...

If you’re not using any desktop software to do that, you can use online. It allows you to edit your photos, but you have to upload the photo first.

sweetonyou ...

I have them rotated in my own file but once I upload them here they are sideways :(

Diana ...

me too… someone help the photos are fine when im previewing with the computer but as soon as i upload them it rotates them.. Not sure why..

SarahBeth3 ...

I think your programs are reading the original and not the modified. So I would export the modified picture to a new file and upload that instead. Hope that helps.

Delicious Cakes ...

I have uploaded photos and they are all the wrong way up. They are downloaded from my iPad, the photos are I upright on my iPad but when I load them on here they are sideways or upside down. I have looked for a button on here to rotate them but cannot see one. Anyone know where this is one as people are commenting on my pictures being the wrong way up.

Michal Bulla ...

Hi Debbie, we don’t have such an option here on CakesDecor. Please take a look at this article. I hope it helps.