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Is it just me or is there no option to *LIKE * for FB anymore ? someone asked me today and know it used to be under the cakes ?
For some reason it doesn’t give me that option , logged in or out ?

Wallace x http://www.facebook.com/AWGHobbyCakes


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The Custom Cakery ...

I can see it under this post…

Michal Bulla ...

It’s little bit tricky. The Like button is still there, but If you are logged in on Facebook as a “Page”, you have to switch to “Person”. Not sure why Facebook doesn’t allow Pages to like.

Little Apple Cakes ...

I can see it too Wallace but I have never used it, what does it do?

Agatha Rogowska ( Cakefield Avenue) ...

well, there’s one more option if you have been banned from someone page you can still see page but you cant like/share/comment anymore.

AWG Hobby Cakes ...

I believe its where non members can like your cake? I think.