Suggestions on the BEST affordable camera??

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I desperately need a new camera to take pictures of my cakes….. I am definately no camera whiz and want to make a good investment that is not so difficult that I won’t be able to figure out how to use it!! BUT….I want good clear pictures of my creations! I need help…. :)



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Jessica ...

Hi Meghan! Last summer I picked up a Nikon D90. I LOVE it, and learning to take pictures has been a learning experience. I also picked up a Nikon D90 for dummies book, still need to finish reading it but I learned more in the first 10 pages of that book than I could of figured out reading the manual. Before the D90 I had a Cannon Powershot, just a little pocket camera and thats what I took pictures with. After taking pics with both and playing around some heres what I think.

My D90 takes way better quality pictures but I could of done just fine with my powershot when it came to food photography if I would of taken the time to learn how to take better photos. You could pick up a book (for dummies) or another learning book specific to your camera. Always try to take photos of food in sunlight, it makes a huge difference. I take most my pictures right next to a window. After you take the pictures double check your pics on your computer. The LV screen on your camera is small and pulling them up on your computer is a good idea. I find more flaws that way (blury pics, crooked pics, crap in the background) I go back and take more pics if needed. I hope that helps some! I look back at lot of my photos and think how I would of taken the photos differently but it’s all a learning experience.

Corrie ...

I just have a Kodak EasyShare M530…I don’t even use the ‘share’ feature on it. I picked it up from Wal-mart for about 70$. considering the fact that I was using my cell phone prior- this camera is great LOL!! I wish i had a nice fancy camera but this one seems to do the job pretty well and is super easy to use.

Janiepie ...

I’ve just gotten a Canon Rebel T3. I love it for close ups!

Peggy Does Cake ...

I just got the Canon t3i back in September. It’s affordable compared to a lot of really nice cameras, but at $600 it’s certainly not “cheap.” That said though, it has taken my cake photos to an entirely new level. My cakes don’t even look like the same person is decorating them. hehe. This is a “forever” camera for me. I’ll never need to upgrade. If you’re thinking of spending a few hundred dollars, my suggestion is to save up and wait until you can afford a camera that will last you a lifetime. Good luck!!