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ATTENTION ALL BAKERS… I need help coming up with a cake decorating idea… One of my friends is moving his business (Engineering/Architecture) to a new location. He will be having a party to celebrate the ocassion and I agreed to bring the cake. I would like to make something spectacular (OK – maybe just really nice) incorporating a building or two into the decoration – any suggestions?

I know there are many talented cake designers in this website – so I’m hoping that at least one person will respond. I’m open to suggestions!

Many thanks,

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Corrie ...

I’m kind of partial to subtle designs and if I were in your shoes I’d focus on ‘blue prints’ as my theme…ice the cake smooth with drk blue and do white blueprint looking lines-dashes’circles etc..etc… but it would also be cool to do fun buildings too….If I were going building route- I’d make a bunch of flat tall buildings with fondant/gumpaste, let them set out til hardened and dry and stick them circling the cake- it’d kind of look like a city of buildings going round the sides….I’m sure you’ll find something cool- and the best part is that it’s for a friend so he’ll love it no matter what!

Fun Fiesta Cakes ...

Corrie, you’re great – I love the idea of the blueprint – I will definitely do that – including the buildings. Will post a picture of the cake once I’m finished – but that won’t be for a couple of months since the party will be in early January.!/pages/FunFetti-Cakes/271035662917797

Loren Ebert ...

How about a sheet cake with his new business card design on it?

Fun Fiesta Cakes ...

That also sounds good – oh, my, what’s a girl to do? LOL!!!!!/pages/FunFetti-Cakes/271035662917797