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Hi Michal Bulla why i only see the Editor’s Choice cakes 3 days later? Is any thing i shall do to sort this problem?

The last Editor’s Choice cakes i can see is Alina Vaganova cake.

Thank you




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Michal Bulla ...

Hi Susana,

I guess you are talking about the listing here on CakesDecor: http://cakesdecor.com/cakes/editors_choice

The time on the cake is not the time when it was selected as an Editor’s Choice. It is the time when the cake was posted.

If you click on those cakes, you’ll see that “Afternoon Tea” is Editor’s Choice for March 20, wedding cake by Alina Vaganova is Editor’s Choice for March 19 etc…

Susana ...

Hi Michal when you publish on your facebook page your favorite cake (Editor’s Choice Cake), I assume we all can see your favorite cake on Cake Decor site on the same day or the day after,not 4 days later?

I hope it my poor english make sense! :)

Michal Bulla ...

Susana, when I select Editor’s Choice, the cake is added right away to our Facebook Page Editor’s Choice Album and to Editor’s Choice listing on CakesDecor(http://cakesdecor.com/cakes/editors_choice).

As you can see, the latest Editor’s Choice was selected today: “Afternoon Tea” by “Little Apple Cakes”.

Do you see it in the listing?

Susana ...

Yes Michal i can see it.
Thank you for taking the time to answer my issues.
Best regards