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Hi all I just wanted to introduce myself quickly. I had a home bakery business myself for a short time but then I got pregnant with my second daughter and the physical work was more than I could handle. I hardly ever bake anymore and she’s 11 months old now! Instead I’ve started a blog about alternative (rockabilly, retro, goth, punk, etc) parties (cakes belong in parties) and recently had the idea to have a cool cake of the week post. Naturally I’ve come here to troll the boards (troll as in look through not be a jerk lol). The only thing is I’m in the UK so while I see lots of amazing cakes here, I need to find just UK bakers, so it’s a bit of a hunt. Feel free to send me links to check out if you want. :)

Just here to check out all the lovely cakes!


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Hi tiff, welcome to cakes decor, im Christine, in Manchester, im just a hobby baker but love what I do!
Not really done any cakes of your subject matter but feel free to browse my work.