When is the Michal Bulla Interview?

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Alright Michal, correct me if I’m wrong but you did make this site right? So when are we going to see a Michal Bulla interview and learn a little more about you and what made you start this awesome site! :D

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Jessica, Kodiak Alaska http://www.facebook.com/ConceptualConfections


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Bakermama ...

hear hear!!

Elena Z ...

I agree! :)

SarahBeth3 ...

I concur! Does Michal decorate cakes? I assumed he did but I’ve never seen any. I’d love to get to know more about Michal. You’re turn, Michal!

Michal Bulla ...

You flatter me, but since I’m not a cake decorator, I don’t think there is anything about me you’ll be interested in. Also, interviewing myself is little bit weird…so we can do it this way:
Write down all the questions you would like to know about me and if there will be at least 5 diferent(and good as well) questions, I will answer them for you ;).

Stacy Lint ...

I’d love to know the inspiration behind the creation of the site if Michal himself is not a decorator. What is the connection between Michal and cake?

SarahBeth3 ...

Yes, bumbleberries, I totally agree. Also, Michal, if you don’t decorate cakes, what is it that you do?

Jessica ...

Both bumbleberries and SarahBeth3 mention two things I wanted to ask (I’m sure most of us are curious) and I figured you would never do your own interview, I know I wouldn’t it would be odd!

1) What was your inspiration behind making cakesdecor.com?
2) If you don’t decorate cakes, what do you do?
3) Like most people here I have never ran a site, especially of this magnitude, what does it take for you to keep it functioning? (reword that if needed just curious how you keep everything going smoothly, I’m sure it takes a great deal of time)

I’m sure we can think of some more! Love to see what others have to ask too!

SarahBeth3 ...

4) What was the most important event in your life or greatest accomplishment?
5)Where would you like cakedecor.com to be in a year?
6)What’s the most challenging thing you’ve ever done?
7)Since cake decorating is not a hobby for you, then what are your hobbies?
8)What is your favorite quote?
9)What’s the most important lesson you’ve ever learned?
10)Who or what inspires you the most?

Michal Bulla ...

Alright, alright … looks like you you really want me to do this :). I will post the “self-interview” soon.

Lisa-Jane Fudge ...

11) Is that really you in the profile pic…If so, is it your wedding photo??
12) Along the same lines as question 11, What was your wedding cake like?
13) Did you have a bad experience with cake, is that why you started this site?
14) Is this site your full time job?
15) Can your wife bake cakes?

Lisa-Jane Fudge ...

Yeah, you really do need to do that interview…Because your facebook page gives nothing away, other than you are married :)

Jessica ...

Yay! Well we do want to know more about you! Can’t start a cake site and not expect us to be interested in why :D

Toni (White Crafty Cakes) ...

What happened to the Michal Bulla interview??? I was really looking forward to learning about the awsome person that created this wonderful website!

Elena Z ...

Yeah Michal, you cant just leave us hanging like this! :) We’ll start making up stories for/about you! I say you are some kind of software designer or IT techie and your wife is either a baker (and then obviously one of the ladies here on cakesdecor.com – who is she!!???!) or she (or someone else close to you) is and they were fed up and frustrated with with the other cake sites and so you created this one. Obviously creating this site was not simple and time was taken to make sure it was done correctly. You’ve done an excellent job and we thank you! Now tell us your story before I make up more of them!!

Michal Bulla ...

Don’t worry, I’m working on the answers ;). It will be ready soon…