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Hi I would like to know the best way to price my fondant decorated cakes. E.g the hot wheels cake is great, what would you price a cake like that. Nitascakes pricing dilemma.

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The most important thing in pricing a cake is knowing what your cost is for making it – don’t forget to include YOUR time in baking & decorating. Once you have this information you can price your cakes accordingly – it all depends on what profit margin you want to make – twice the cost – three times the cost? I would call around the diffeent bakeries so you have an idea of what prices fondant cakes command. It could be anywhere between $3.25 per serving to $7.00 or even $8.00 per serving – very elaborate cakes with sugar flowers and hand-made toppers will cost more than a simple fondant covered cake, but these items should be charged separate from the actual cake – that way you can be consistent with the price per serving of the actual cake.

I hope this helps out.