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I am trying to figure out how to make fondant look like braided basket.
I found this video on YouTube, woman is using this pressure tool that makes fondant look like this:

Any one have any advise

Please see picture, its not very good quality, but enough to get an idea.


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Laura Loukaides ...

Hi :)

You can use a special textured rolling pin to achieve this effect..

or, you can pipe a basket weave using either royal icing or buttercream.

Hope this helps!! xx

Tiffany McCorkle ...

Those pictures look like a brick wall instead of a basket basket weaves are a tiny big longer the those. A x small wood plank mold could work for that effect or pipe it on too. I love doing realistic textures but I find they come out best when I etch the whole by hand. It’s time consuming but always comes out better the. Using the molds.