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Hi all.
I have just discovered the joy of covering my cakes in ganache and was wondering what chocolate people use and where is the best place to buy it from.
Thanks in advance and happy baking


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Nicole - Just For The Cake Of It ...

Hi Tamson,
Where are you located? Do you tend to shop online? Quality chocolate definitely can make a difference in your final result. I’m in Ontario, Canada and have bought my chocolate from a local cake shop (Flour Confections – they have an online store), Lindt boutiques, and have even used Ghirardelli chocolate chips in a pinch (I’ve found the quality to be very good – regular chocolate chips, not so much). Lindt, Guittard, Callebaut/Cacoa Barry, Valrhona are all very good brands.
I know there are a number of online supply shops, I tend to see a lot of people on facebook referring to Pastry Portal. I have never used them, others seem to rave about them.
Good luck! Hopefully some others will have more info for you.

Allways Julez ...

Hi Tamson… I generally use a white chocolate ganache under my fondant. I am in Australia and use Snowcap, which is now available at specialty decorator stores. I make it using 1 part cream, to 3 parts chocolate. In Australia, it can be found at The Raspberry Butterfly, which has an online store. I LOVE to make a caramel from scratch, which I mix into the white ganache as well, (I love caramel).
I am not the best person to ask about dark choc… I am yet to use some of the better brands to make dark ganache… Julez

Tamson ...

Thanks for replying Nicole and Julez. I am also in Australia so will have to check out The Raspberry Butterfly.
Have a great day