Can i let my best friend down?

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Hello everyone, my best friend wants me to make a cake for her wedding. My big worry is that, it is my first time to bake a weddings cake; I do birthday cakes for small number of people. Her wedding has about 300 guests and the wedding is on 14 December, she wants a wedding cake that last for 5 months after the wedding and to prepare the cake I need 3months. I want to make her happy but at the same I need more experience in baking the wedding cake, decorating and also more time. What should I do? Tel her to find someone else or I should go for it?

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MsGF ...

If you aren’t comfortable doing it then don’t. You will either let her down now or let her down with a cake you are less than impressed with. Offer to make her a nice 1st anniversary cake instead. If you explain it to her like you did in this post I’m sure she will understand. Never agree to make a cake you are not comfortable doing. If I were the friend I would appreciate your honesty.

Chenai Pise ...

Thank You so much MsGF

Silvia Caeiro ...

Hi, Faith! My piece of advice is if you are not experienced in medium – big sized cakes, it is in your and your friend’s best interest, to let this enterprise to some baker who has the expertise. I think that for your friend, it is her wedding, a memorable and unique event, where evething should go on the bright side. Frankly say so to you friend, she will surely understand your sincerity. You will have plenty of opportunities to practice cake decor, so you would feel safer for the results. Again, it is what I would do in your place. Good luck!! Silvia

Fun Fiesta Cakes ...

Wedding cakes can be scary because you are making a memory for a couple’s big day. You don’t get a second chance on that one. However, here’s a couple of suggestion:

1) Make a smaller fondant-covered cake for the pictures – no taller than two or three tiers, which you can probably handle. To serve the remaining guests, you can make a sheet cake covered with buttercream.

2) There are many wedding cakes styles that are made up of several smaller cakes – this may be an option.

3) You could also make a cupcake tower with a smaller cake on top – many brides prefer this style because it makes it easier for the guests to eat.

At the end of the day, though, you have to feel comfortable with the idea – otherwise, you’ll be having many sleepless nights worrying about this cake.

Good luck

Chenai Pise ...

Thank you Silina and Funfetti for the advice.