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Contest - Sugar Art for Autism

https://www.facebook.com/SugarArt4Autism/ Sugar Art for Autism has a contest that runs until May 13 with amazing prizes. Open to ALL levels of cake/cookie/isomalt/gelatin/etc artists… Design, create, and email us your Autism inspired...

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#CakeOscars #CakeMasters #SugarArt4Autism finalist

Sugar Art for Autism is a finalist in the Cake Masters Awards 2016 sponsored by Magic Colours! It’s been a true honor to have co-directed this collab with 2 lovely ladies, Suzy Khalaf and Samantha Emmerson. And to the whole group, none of this...

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Sugar Art for Autism (2016)

Home to a collaboration of nearly 100 Sugar Artists from 21 countries who have come together to raise awareness for Autism. Sugar Art For Autism has done more than just bake a cake . . . Through our endeavors, we hope to shatter misconceptions...

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Sugar Art for Autism collab

What happens when nearly 100 cake artists from 21 countries come together to raise awareness for Autism? They create something utterly amazing, heartfelt and meaningful. Something that proudly honors those with Autism and their loved ones. We’ve...

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Christmas in Frostington

Christmas in Frostington is a collaboration of bakers from around the world who have come together to bake up a storm for charity . . . and not just 1 charity, but THREE! Alzheimer’s Society UK, Australia’s Melanoma Research Foundation, and...

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I’ve been asked if I could do 250 cupcakes for a wedding in June!! I’ve already done that many for a charity last year, so I know I can do it and cupcakes don’t scare me at all. The bride-to-be is now asking me to give her ideas for a small...

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Calling in some ideas... please!

Hi all, I am asked to make a cake for a gentleman who is turning 60 and who is also a judge… No fondant cover, just chocolate ganache as the finish look. And since I am a novice at modelling with sugar, I don’t think I can do elaborate sugar...

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Black & White Cakes - Quaterly awards

Am I the only one having trouble picking just five entries from all 187? Some are truly gorgeous and stunning and the choice is VERY hard… Just wanted to post this to say how wonderul these cakes are ans seeing all the B&W together is simply...

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Ganache trick?

Hello all, (and thanks in advance for your help :-) Is there something I could do to make ganache look all uniform in color once it sets on a cake, if I want to leave it as is (a raw look)… When it dries, the color is no longer uniform, so...

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Almost 10000...

As I am writing this, we are at 9988 cake decorators on this site :-))))))) I remember Michal asking us a while back to predict when we will reach 10000, we are almost there! And I predicted June 11, 2013 (well, it’s my son’s birthday)…

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What have I done wrong?

Exactly the same cream cheese frosting recipe on both, one grainy, one perfectly smooth. Of course, the grainy one was the first one and I had to redo it and the second one was perfect. I don’t know what I have done wrong with the first one....

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Are your purple cakes turning blue?

Hi all, Whenever I take pictures of a cake that has a purple hue to it, pictures turn out blue instead of the actual purple/mauve/lilac color. Any trick out there to make it look purple? Apparently, I am not the only one with this problem! I try...

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Help with big order

Hi all, I’ve been asked to get a display stand at a brunch to raise money for a Children’s Cancer Foundation with a Spring Blossoms theme on April 23. Three hundred prominent ladies are invited in the best hotel in town. I have until Monday to...

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Baking cakes...

Hi there, How far in advance do you bake your cakes for them to remain fresh?? Do you bake in advance and freeze? How many days you deem the cake remains fresh if not in the freezer? I don’t bake way in advance but sometimes for decoration, you...

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Watermarking your pictures

Hi there, How many of you add a watermark to their pictures and which software do you use? I have seen many with their logos watermarked and I can see why… I can’t tell you how many pictures I have seen on some FB pages of cakes claimaing...

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Help with a Tasmanian Devil character...

Hi all, I’ve been asked to make a cake hat has a Tasmanian Devil cartoon character. Googled it and did not find any tutorial for this. I have found a couple of pictures of cakes that I saved. If I can’t find any tutorial, I will attempt to...

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Piping on cakes

Hello everyone, I am having trouble piping words or anything for that matter with my PME number 1 tip… The number two tip is too wide. The royal icing gets stuck while piping, and I do try to losen it, it will run a bit then gets stuck again....

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Won the Fiona Cairns Halloween Contest

Hi there, I am so excited!!! I won the Fiona Cairns Halloween Contest with my Creepy Witches Fingers posted around Halloween… Here’s the link to those “oh so creepy cookies”… http://cakesdecor.com/cakes/34284 Dina @ miettes

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Perfectly iced cakes

Hi, I’ve watched many many video tutorials on how to make a perfectly iced cake so that the fondant that will cover it looks flawless. I see many pictures online about beautiful cakes with a perfect finish. Does anyone have a tip on how to make...