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Hello all, (and thanks in advance for your help :-)

Is there something I could do to make ganache look all uniform in color once it sets on a cake, if I want to leave it as is (a raw look)… When it dries, the color is no longer uniform, so you’ll have dark and light patches. What do I need to do to make it look all uniform and rather dark?
Oh, and I do put it in the fridge!

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Dina @ miettes,


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Fun Fiesta Cakes ...

When I am asked for a ganache cake, I usually do the poured method – it covers the cake completely and it looks beautiful with a nice, even sheen to it.

The type of ganache I think you are referring to is the one I use under fondant – but it’s usually all one color – I’m not sure why you have different color patches – can you post a picture?

miettes ...

funfetti, hi, thanks for your reply. When I cover the cake with ganache like you mentioned in your comments, I have no pblm, it is smooth and shiny. But when I do it to cover with fondant, it’s different, it changes color. But I like to have that raw look without covering with fondant… I lightened the attached picture to show you the difference in color.

Goreti ...

Dina, I have no idea why that happens because I have not really worked with ganache. So why did she bother answering is what you must be thinking. lol I actually wanted to let you know that I love this look. I’m actually going to try for this look this weekend for a small cake for my daughter’s friend.

miettes ...

Goreti, <3

kellywalker123 ...

Are you using dark choc? Have you tried just using milk? I use scotchblock and it is working a treat! Cheap! And tatses divine!

Eat Cake ...

Hey Dina

Have you tried whipping the ganache first? Not that I have tried this in covering a whole cake and leaving it ‘raw’, but I often whip my ganache for filling cakes (gives a more mousse like texture) and it seems to stay the same colour? Sorry, not sure if that was much help!??! lol

miettes ...

kellywalker123, yes, I am using dark (70% cocoa), do you think that is the problem? I see what you mean, since the milk chocolate is lighter in color, probably you don’t see the difference. But I like dark chocolate and my customers want dark chocolate :-(

miettes ...

Kerry, honestly, no, I have not whipped the chocolate, I was thinking of doing so but have not yet; so I will try and keep you posted. I am wondering if it is the fridge that is altering the color? but I can not leave out with the heat we’re having :-(

Louisa ...

Hi Dina,
I find that you will have lighter and darker patches in the naked ganache finish when you are still working the ganache as it is starting to firm up and set. I normally ganache my cake as usual (either using the lid method or upside down method……Check out Betty from Glasshouse Cakes for a great tutorial!/photo.php?v=10200869801279702&set=vb.187704901264619&type=2&theater) and then once the cake has set and has sharp edges, i apply a very thin layer of warm, runny ganache and quickly smooth it over before it starts to set. It should stay dark and have a shine if you don’t touch it once it is applied.
Hope this helps,

miettes ...

Louisa, thank you so much for your help! I will check the tutorial via the link you left me!

Joanne Wieneke ...

Hi Dina, I share the same opinion with Louisa, the patches appear once the ganache sets while being worked on.. A straight ganache tends to set quicker than whipped ganache based, whipped ganache will give you more time to work with since it has become lighter than a straight ganache which is more compact/dense. Also, a good quick rotation of the turn table with a good scraper will help you even out compared to when using an offset spatula. I saw a tutorial/analysis recently between whip and straight ganache application on barrel cakes on Way Beyond Cakes by Mayen. Hope this helps…<3 Jo

miettes ...

Thank you Jo from The LittleCakePatch for your response… Will check Mayen’s page!!