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 Outrageous Cakes


What happened to our signature??

Before when you would comment on someone’s cake it would show your...

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Lace moulds

Hi can someone tell me when using a lace mould when u remove the fondant...

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Naomi's Shaken & Baken


Where did the LIKE button GO?

Hi team, not to keen on this whole new look so confusing now, every thing...

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Problem up loading picture....HELP

I’m new here and it may be just me not knowing how to do it. I click on new...

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Well Done!

Well done to Michal and his team for updating the site and addressing all...

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Photos won't upload

Been trying for 3 days to upload a cake photo to no avail. I used to have...

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Carving a doll cake

Hello all.. This is my first query out here on cakes decor. I have a...

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Charise Viccarone~ The Flour Bouquet Co.


Awning help!

Does anyone have any tips or tricks on how to put an awning over a door on a...

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New site - far, far, far too many adverts........ :(

Lovely revamp but would have much preferred you left it as was if all these...

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Cocoa powder

Hi I’ve been doing a lot of research about cake baking and the science...

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Need help

Hi everybody!! I’m planning on making a zebra/marble cake and I’ve found a...

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Please I need a good Royal Icing Recipe........

When making my cookies all I use is Powdered Sugar and a few drops of milk...

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Gluten free chocolate

Hi all, I have a customer who tells me her partner will have a severe...

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Hi, I am looking for an exclusive Baker for my business

In the Philadelphia area. I am the owner of Taylor Made Soirées, Weddings...

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Prima Cakes Plus


Where can I get diamond ribbon?

I need to get some diamond ribbon that I want to use on my very first cake....

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How do I make this wedding cake?

Hi I’m new to the website and was just wondering if anyone could help...

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The Empire Cake Company


Where can I find these letter cutters?

Hello I’m looking for the cutters that were used to do the name “tyler” in...

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pricing fondant decorated cakes

Hi I would like to know the best way to price my fondant decorated cakes....

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Firefly India by Pavani Kaur


Marvelous Mould Onlays

I finally got my hands on these wonderful moulds! But the sad part is that...

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How much would you charge for a Cake similar to this with maybe a bit more basic decorating

Hello all, I will be doing my first wedding cake this summer for the first...