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Ann-Marie Youngblood


Uploading Picture

Hi, I am having trouble uploading my cake picture. I go thru the process but...

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Delete a cake or account?

how do you remove one of your cakes or account..I can not find the options...

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Melissa Lamont


How much Fondant?

Hi there. I’m new to the site, but happy to see a place to talk about cakes!...

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Paul Delaney


I'm after the best modeling chocolate recipe

Hi, Can someone share a good modeling chocolate recipe with me as I see alot...

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Rainbow cake fillings

Hey everybody!!!! I just wanted to know what fillings you could use for...

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amber hawkes


fundraiser cake

I have been asked to donate a cake to a fundraiser to raise $ for a 6 month...

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Emily Herrington


Has anyone ever made a photo box? Do you use on-site?

My biggest shortcoming is taking a decent picture of my finished cakes. One...

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Need ideas for a gender reveal cake?

I will be attempting my first cake this weekend! Along with 4 dozen cupcakes...

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Emily Herrington


Let's give Rose a hand!!! Couture...

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Sugary Sweet


Unable to post

I’ve been unable to upload and post new cakes to the site for the last few...

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Just starting out. What do I need?

Just starting out! What do I need to look into getting first?

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Bev Murray


Ships mast.....

Recently made a Jake the pirate ship and the thing I had most trouble with...

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How to make ice cream cake and the recipe

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Bev Murray



Can anyone tell me why the majority of my photos have come out on here side...

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Jake's Cakes


Does anyone have a no fail dense moist red Velvet recipe for fondant/construction cakes?

am struggling to find a red velvet recipe strong enough for some fondant and...

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Help pls! How do I secure a diamante brooch to extra large gumpaste bows?

My client wants to have extra large gumpaste bows with blings – diamante...

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Emily Herrington


Swiss Meringue recipe?

I keep seeing mentions of this type of buttercream. Can you share your best...

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Hopeful someone can help me

I’ve been asked to do this cake for a weeding, now I’ve made many cakes over...

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Someone posted one of my cake pictures as their own!

I’m sure this has happened to many of you amazing bakers before, but this is...

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motor bike helmet cake

Hi i was wondering if anyone has a tutorial for bikers or cal helmet...